Grant Review Process

The grant review process used by the ECDGA is based on the process used by the National Institutes of Health.

A call for Letters of Intent (LOIs) is sent out to all known avenues for dissemination and is posted on the ECD Global Alliance website.  Submitted LOIs are reviewed by a committee of qualified researchers and clinicians.  The investigators submitting projects that hold the most promise for making a significant and lasting advance in the knowledge and treatment of ECD are then invited to submit a complete proposal.

A Grant Application Review (GAR) Committee made up of qualified researchers is assembled to review submitted application proposals. Individuals of the committee first review each application independently. The GAR Committee then comes together as a group to share comments and discuss each application submitted. This committee provides the ECD Global Alliance Board of Directors a ranking order of the applications. The Board of Directors then makes the final funding decision and notifies the applicants. Letter of Intent are submitted via an LOI submission form and are reviewed per an LOI Review Process and criteria. Invited proposals are then submitted and reviewed according to the ECDGA Grant Application Process.

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