What is Erdheim-Chester Disease?

Erdheim-Chester Disease is an extremely rare disorder that can affect many different organs of the body. It is characterized by excessive production and accumulation of specific cells whose normal function is to fight infections. These cells, which are called histiocytes, infiltrate the loose connective tissue of the body. As a result this tissue becomes thickened, dense and fibrotic. Multiple different organs can be affected. Unless successful treatment is found, organ failure can result.

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    October 27, 2017

    Interested in joining a trial?

    Trials provide treatment and care advantages to patients and to the ECD community. See the list of trials & studies accepting ECD patients around the world by following the learn more link below.

    October 26, 2017

    Interested in becoming an ECD Care Center?

    Patients and local doctors are urged to reach out to the contacts at these centers for help in diagnosing, treating and monitoring ECD patients. Becoming an Emerging Care Center or Referral Care Center will help ECD patients get the care they deserve.

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