The following presentations were recorded during the 2016 Patient & Family Gathering located in Paris, France.  Most of the presentation slides are also available to accompany the videos.  We are pleased to have this information to share with those that were not able to attend the meetings or that wanted to recapture some of the information shared.  Thank you to the speakers that volunteered their time and information. Thanks also to the volunteers and staff that were able to create and edit the videos for all to view.

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Presenter Presentation Slides Presentation Video
Stéphane Barete, MD ECD Skin Issues ECD Skin Issues
Giulio Cavalli, MD ECD Lung & Heart Issues ECD Lung & Heart Issues
Carine Courtillot, MD Endocrinological Consequences of ECD Endocrinological Consequences of ECD
Eli Diamond, MD
(Presented by Juvianee Estrada-Veras, MD)   
ECD Neurological Issues ECD Neurological Issues
Benjamin Durham, MD ECD Studies at MSKCC See ECD Studies & Trials Panel
Philippe A. Grenier, MD CT of Thoracoabdominal Involvement in Erdheim-Chester Disease See ECD Scan and Radiology Panel.
Filip Janku, MD, PhD Importance of Clinical Trials See ECD Studies & Trials Panel
Kenneth L. McClain, MD, PhD ECD Studies & Trials – Texas Children’s Cancer Center See ECD Studies & Trials Panel
Augusto Vaglio, MD, PhD Renal & Ureteral Involvement in ECD Renal & Ureteral Involvement in ECD
Panel participants:Achille Aouba, MD, PhD, Lorenzo Dagna, MD, Juvianee Estrada-Veras, MD,
Julien Haroche, MD, PhD, Filip Janku, MD, PhD,
Kenneth McClain, MD PhD, Augusto Vaglio, MD, PhD
ECD Studies & Trials Panel ECD Studies & Trials Panel
Panel participants:Marcus Chen, MD, Phillippe Cluzel, MD PhD,
Phillippe Grenier, MD, Phillippe Maksund, MD
ECD Scan and Radiology Panel ECD Scan and Radiology Panel
Physician panelists answer patient questions regarding Erdheim-Chester Disease. Doctor Question & Answer Panel Doctor Question & Answer Panel

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